Laka Living – Holiday Cookie Drip


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Adapt your holiday with this Dark Mint Chip infused Adaptogenic Cookie Drip. This Drip may lower stress, boost the mood, and enhance the body’s ability to detox. It has added Peppermint essential oil to help de-bloat, extra Adaptogens to support stress, and amino acids that keep the body in a parasympathetic state during this wild time of the year.  Add to festive treats, holiday breakfast bowls, or eat directly by the spoon.
Cashew*, MCT powder*, Adaptogenic Holiday Dough* (Cashew, Raw Hawaiian Honey, Raw Cacao Powder, Raw Cacao Nib, Activated Maca, Chaga, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Gluthathione, Cinnamon, MCT powder, Hawaiian Sea Salt) L-Theanine, Hawaiian Sea Salt.

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