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Ari Rose – Quench Skin Frosting


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Now Available in 8oz glass jars in addition to 4oz glass jars. Glass jars are used to avoid leaching of harmful chemicals from plastic jars. Reusable and recyclable.

Indulge with Ari Rose Signature Whipped Skin Frosting, freshly made in small batches. This frosting melts with the warmth of your skin’s touch. Popular for its extremely hydrating, skin repairing properties.

Quench – Possesses a cocoa butter scent, no essential oils added

Lotion is roughly 80% water, however every .6 oz of this cream is roughly 4 oz of liquid lotion. Lasting you almost 8 times longer! Rich & creamy, amazing post-shower hydration, can also be used as a relaxing massage cream, or to assist in repair of severely dry skin on the hands & feet.

Each frosting contains a combination of the following: Organic Shea butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Moroccan oil, golden jojoba oil, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil and essential oils

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