What do you mean by "Green, Natural, Organic"?

  • At Lena Rose, our nail-care, makeup, and skincare lines are all 100% natural and/or organic and contain no bismuth oxychloride, cornstarch, parabens or sulfates. All products are plant-based, purely sourced, made in small batches and use eco-friendly packaging.

Can I bring my own nail polish?

  • At Lena Rose, our nail-care, makeup, and skincare lines are all 100% natural and/or organic and contain no bismuth oxychloride, cornstarch, parabens or sulfates. All products are plant-based, purely sourced, made in small batches and use eco-friendly packaging.

What nail polish brands do you carry?

  • Habit
  • Be Bio
  • Bio Seaweed Gel

What does 5 to 10-free mean?

  • We prohibit toxic chemicals in the nail polish we carry. These chemicals include formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBT, TPHP, camphor, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, triphenyl phosphate, and parabens.

What if I have Allergies?

  • Please disclose any and all allergies to your esthetician prior to your appointment.  We will do our best to accommodate your individual allergies/sensitivities as we customize most treatments, however, if you have any particular concerns (ie nut allergies, etc) we ask that you reach out a few days in advance to give our team a chance to double check ingredients on our products.

What products do you use in your treatments?

  • In our back bar, we use all non-toxic, chemical-free products which boast of some of nature’s purest botanicals.  All of the products in our back bar can be found in our retail shop as well.  In addition to using designated back bar products, our estheticians are “beauty chefs” and will often incorporate fresh herbs and florals, as well as powdered spices and pantry items to give your skin the most potent antioxidants and minerals.

What brands do you carry?

  • The brands we use include:
    • Addictive Wellness
    • Arie Rose
    • Agent Nateur
    • Au Naturale
    • Ere Perez
    • Fitglow
    • Good Patch
    • Humble
    • Karma Naturals
    • Laka Living
    • Live Botanicals
    • Maya Chia
    • Moon Juice
    • Nucifera
    • Suntregrity
    • Osmia
    • Province Apothecary
    • Sun Potion

Which Facial should I choose?

  • Because every facial is customized to the client, you can’t go wrong.  However, if it’s your first facial ever, we would suggest you start with a 60-minute facial. If you’re fairly regular with facials and are looking for a slightly more relaxing experience, we encourage a 90 minute as it includes additional masking/aromatherapy/scalp massage. As mentioned above, 30-minute sessions are best for clients in maintenance mode or who are trying to squeeze in a facial during their lunch break.

Who will be giving me my facial?

  • At Lena Rose, we pride ourselves on quality and employ experienced holistic estheticians to perform your services.

What's the main difference between a 30 minute and 60 minute facial?

  • 30 minute is reserved more for clients in maintenance mode or who are short on time. Does not include extractions or hand/arm massage

Should I remove my makeup before coming in for my facial?

  • No need to worry about that, as during your facial you will be thoroughly cleansed and all makeup will be removed

Can I wear makeup after my appointment?

  • It’s not advised, as your skin should breathe after a session, however, if you must, you can use non-toxic, non-comedogenic makeup.

Do extractions hurt?

  • It depends on your level of pain tolerance as well as how impacted your extractions are. It’s not entirely comfortable, however, it’s important you keep communication open with your esthetician and ask for short little breaks if need be

Will I be red or irritated after my facial?

  • Yes and No.  Because our estheticians take a more “progressive not aggressive” approach to skin care, you should notice your skin look bright, plump, and glowy. However, some pinky-ness and redness may occur depending on your skin type. With that said, signs of redness is not necessarily a cause for concern as when we have facials, our blood circulates and rushes to the surface to aid in skin health.

Will I break out after my facial?

  • Our intentions are to always make you look and feel better at the end of your service, however, there is always the potential for your skin to purge after a session. Detoxification is very important which can sometimes resemble pimples and breakouts up to 48 hours after your facial.  Its advised that you don’t get a facial less than 7 days before a big event to ensure your absolute glowiness day of!

How often should I be getting a facial?

  • Everyone is different, but its advised that at the bare minimum, you see your esthetician once per season (roughly 4 facials a year) but no more than once a month as your skin needs time to heal and naturally resurface.

Will facials cure my Acne?

  • There are varying grades of Acne, and everyone’s skin is different. There are many approaches to healing acne, and it doesn’t just happen with skincare alone.  However, proper skin care, techniques, and products can and will make a huge difference for all types of acne.

Do men get facials too?

  • Yes, absolutely. In fact, men should be just as regular with their skin care as women.  We offer gentleman’s facials, as well as a beard treatment, add-on.

How should I prepare for my bikini wax?

  • Before coming in, it is advised that you trim your hair no shorter than a ¼-½ inch long.  This allows the esthetician to easily shape and makes epilation less painful for the client.
  • Be sure to exfoliate the area 2-3 days before your appointment, to reduce the potential for ingrown hairs.
  • If you have sensitive skin and are prone to redness and inflammation, a pain reliever can be taken up to twenty minutes before the appointment to help reduce discomfort.
  • If you are on your cycle, you can absolutely still get waxed, just keep in mind your sensitivity level may be higher. Same goes for pregnant clients.  We will keep you as comfortable as possible during your service, just know that with increased hormones, you may be more sensitive.

How should I care for my freshly waxed skin?

  • Avoid any excessive heat, sweating or friction for 24 hours.  Keep the area clean, and be sure to use a gentle post epilation cream or astringent to keep bacteria at bay.
  • Keep skin protected with SPF if there will be sun exposure.
  • Also, avoid lakes or pools for at least 24 hours after waxing to avoid potential infection.
  • You should get a minimum of 1-2 weeks of fresh smooth skin
  • Its advised you come every 4 weeks to maintain and to slow/minimize hair growth.

Who shouldn’t be waxed?

  • Please be advised that certain medications can alter the integrity of your skin, resulting in skin lifting or peeling during a waxing service.
  • Please be sure to discuss medications with your esthetician prior to your appointment to determine if it will be safe for you to be waxed.

What products do you recommend?

  • During your facial, you will receive a proper skin analysis as well as product recommendations for not only your skin but for your lifestyle. Since everyone has a different skin type, products will be recommended for you specifically.

What should I wear to my appointment?

  • Waxing: depending on the body part, it’s just important that the esthetician can easily access the hair without potentially dripping wax on clients clothing.
  • For bikini waxing: if you prefer to leave your underwear on during the service, please know that there is the potential for wax getting stuck to your garments.  A towel will be provided to drape over your lap for modesty.
  • Facials: you will be draped between sheets and blankets during your service, so you will be asked to remove everything from the waist up to preserve your clothing from oils and creams.

Should I pre-book my appointments?

  • It’s always advised that you pre-book your appointments in order to ensure a spot.
  • Facials tend to book 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • Nails tend to book 1 week in advance.

How far in advance should I book a facial?

  • It’s a good idea to schedule your next facial in advance since facials tend to book out 2-3 weeks in advance.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • For cancellations more than 24 hours in advance, there are no penalties.
  • For cancellations, less than 24 hours in advance we charge 25% of service.
  • For no call/no shows you will be charged in full for your service.

Do you have a referral program?

  • Yes! Be sure to add who referred you to your appointment notes so we can properly thank them by awarding them referral credits.

What is your product return policy?

  • Once your product has been opened, unfortunately, we cannot offer returns or exchanges.  However, if you suffer an adverse reaction from a product purchased in our shop, we ask that you provide images and description of the issue as well as return the product to the shop and we will gladly refund you.

Can anyone become a member?

  • Yes, anyone can join! And in doing so, you are opening a world of exclusivity, in addition to a team of skin wellness accountability partners! We have a few different membership levels, all of which are detailed on our membership page here.

Can I bring in a group of people?

  • Yes, we love parties and groups! Please call or email us to discuss parties of 3 or more so that we can accommodate your needs.
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